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    I Play The Drums In A Band Called Okay

    By: Toby Litt

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    Always hated liner notes - always hated any kinda writing about rock'n'roll - I mean, why don't ya just shut up & listen to the music?- but here I am now, with a pen in my hand & a limo waiting outside & 13 minutes to catch in words what I think & feels about my good friend Clap & about these fine & dandy tales he's spun - tales of a life on & off the road with a band called okay - a band in which (just in case you didn't know, hosehead!) I am the lead singer - & in which (as the title helpfully informs you) Clap is drummer - not the worlds greatest, technically, even he'd admit to that, but solid & deep & swingin' & truth-full - if I'd written itm it would be all about high times & honeys - & Clap has gotten down that wild stuff - lots of it - but he's also told the cold truth about the things you lose along the way, the sweet soul damage - & I think he's done it just about as well as it coulda been done - & believe me, I should know - I wasn't there for most of it.

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