Incognito by Claire Carmichael
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129 x 197mm

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Privacy is dead - unless you're rich enough to pay for it . . .

A few years into the new century, huge, inter-connected data banks hold intimate details of each person's life, and everyone is branded with a unique barcode. None of this worries Karr Robinson - he's about to be voted head of his school, he's admired for his sporting abilities, and his girlfriend is the beautiful Alicia Peverill.

Then, in one moment, Karr's pleasant life is obliterated. His identity wiped from the databases, he becomes an oblit - someone who officially does not exist. His father arrested, abandoned by his friends, Karr finds the only person who can help him is Brenna, a quiet, insignificant student he'd hardly noticed before. Brenna belongs to Incognito, a secret underground group who are fighting a silent war with the faceless technocrats who control the data banks.

And it is Brenna who is the key to finding the mysterious and menacing Data Lord who has all but destroyed Karr's life, and is the only one who can restore his true identity.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2000
129 x 197mm

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