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    Keeping Secrets

    By: Andrew Rosenheim

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    It was his hideout, but now he did not feel safe at all.

    The birds had suddenly gone quiet, and the boy was certain the man was in the woods
    below him. And then a voice fractured the unnatural hush. ‘I know you’re in there.’ The voice was harsh but high-pitched, sounding strained. It chilled the boy.

    A young boy is hiding for his life, having witnessed a brutal murder. He knows that even if he survives, his days on his uncle’s California apple farm are gone forever…

    Thirty years later, Jack Renoir makes his living discovering other people’s secrets, while making sure he keeps his own. But when Kate Palmer, an English oil consultant, walks into Jack’s San Francisco office, his carefully-constructed life is turned upside down. As his defences dissolve, he agrees to try a new life with her in England, where Kate’s world
    is split between smart London and her family’s country estate. Renoir finds himself having to learn a new set of social codes. But the reappearance of Kate’s old boyfriend disturbs his newfound happiness, as does Kate’s apparent
    involvement in a high-tech trading scam. Old habits die hard, and Renoir is drawn into a murky world he thought he had left behind for good. Trying to help Kate, even his best intentions threaten to backfire. That is when his troubles really start.

    Beautifully written and highly suspenseful, Andrew Rosenheim’s new novel is a complex love story in which two secret worlds collide.

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