Last Words: The Final Journals Of William Burroughs

Last Words: The Final Journals Of William Burroughs by William S Burroughs
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140 x 219mm

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William Burroughs died in August 1997, after a lifetime of notoriety. In his final years, he was writing only in his journals. The last nine months of his diaries are here, in 'Last Words', and they form a complex, rarely seen, personal portrait of Burroughs at the end of his life, coming to terms with ageing and death.

Full of anecdotes and memories, entries on the joys of housekeeping, dealing with doctors, shooting a video with U2, musings on his beloved cats, drug-taking and government cover-ups, 'Last Words' shows us a man reflective but still engaged with the state of the world. Most significantly, these journals contain some of the most brutally personal prose Burroughs has ever written.

'Last Words' is unlike anything else in the oeuvre of William Buroughs. It is the purest, most personal work ever presented by this writer, and a poignant portrait of the man, his life and his creative process - one that never quit, even in the shadow of death.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2000
140 x 219mm

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