Littlejohn's House of Fun

Littlejohn's House of Fun by Richard Littlejohn
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Following his Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller, Littlejohn's Britain, the Daily Mail's most succesful columnist delivers the coup de grace to New Labour, as the nation prepares to vote them out of office. He is not only tough on Brown and the causes of Brown, but devastatingly funny about 'Elf and Safety', 'Yuman Rights', the Surveillance Society and all the bureacratic absurdities that make modern life worse than anything George Orwell ever imagined. 'Littlejohn has been a a vivid exponent of a great British columnar style that stretches back five centuries or more. He's a distant, bastard cousin of Thomas Nash, Daniel Defoe and Alexander Pope. Cassandra and Bernard Levin might justly buy him a pint in the Chesire Cheese. Like or loathe him, he's the real, talented deal.' Observer
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2010

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