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    By: Peter Moore Smith

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    "Angel," says a hoarse voice over a crackling cell phone connection- and then she is gone. Angel Veronchek is convinced that the voice belonged to his mysterious and beautiful new neighbour, Angela - and that she is terrified for her life. So begins Angel's dangerous and desperate quest to uncover what happened to Angela, a woman he knows nearly nothing about but her name (which turns out to be false), a woman Angel is in love with. But Angel has his own secrets. The son of one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, Angel has renounced a world of wealth and glamour that most people only dream of. It is only Angela's arrival, and her eerie disappearance, that knock his solitary, reclusive life off balance, and plunge him into the sinister world of Los Angeles nights, a world of secrets that aren't meant to be told, and lost people who aren't meant to be found.

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