Moro: The Cookbook by Sam & Sam Clark
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Sam &
Sam Clark
Date Released
205 x 256mm
Out Of Print

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Sam and Sam Clark share a passion for the intense flavours of the food of Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. The word "Moro", meaning "Moor" in Spanish, encapsulates much of their style of cooking - a heady blend of Arabic and Hispanic dishes that offer warm spices and fiery sauces, slow-cooked earthy stews and delicate flavourings.

Sam and Sam are the chef-owners of Moro, one of the most talked-about restaurants of recent years. In this book they have distilled the restaurant's most accomplished and delicious recipes, the dishes that have ensured its extraordinary success.

Recipes range from simple tapas, such as hot chorizo, to fish dishes such as swordfish marinated in cumin, lemon and paprika and aromatic stews like their slow-cooked lamb with artichokes, sherry and potatoes; sauces may be subtle, made with yoghurt and cumin, or have the punch of piquillo peppers; and desserts such as Malaga raisin ice cream and yoghurt cake with pistachios exude all the subtle flavours of their regions of origin. Most of these recipes are very simple - it is the resulting flavours that are wonderfully complex.

Sam and Sam also communicate the romance and tradition inherent in each dish and their writing is informed by an intimate knowledge of long-established culinary and cultural traditions. The book is written and designed with palpable passion and insights. It will entice cooks everywhere into its pages to discover more about this rich, intensely flavoured cuisine.
Publication Date:
07 / 06 / 2001
205 x 256mm

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