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    Primary Colors

    By: Anonymous

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    The political 'Bonfire Of Vanities': a novel based on the Clinton campaign which has become the most controversial book for years. The author's identity is a secret, even from his publishers. He is supposed to be someone close to the Clintons; regardless of his (or her) identity, he is a terrific writer.

    "The greatest betrayal of an American leader since Deep Throat whispered to Woodward and Bernstein and forced the resignation of Nixon. The anonymous author . . . has set out to destroy what remains of the Clintons' tenture with devastating account of the 1992 presidential campaign" - 'Sunday Times'

    "A brilliant political novel . . . Its portrait of "obscure Southern governor" Jack Stanton and his wife Susan, and their quest for the White House, is so sharp, so true, that it will make your scalp tingle. The words dance off the page. I found myself gasping with laughter." - Peter McKay, 'Daily Mail'

    "Its delicious humour and obviously first-hand insights into the wheelers and schemers of the political scene are a pure delight." - Steve Grant, 'Time Out'

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