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    By: Dr Wayne W Dyer

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    Creating Miracles In Everyday Life

    Discover real magic by spending some time every day in awe, in total complete awe. Be thankful for your liver, your hands, your invisible, incomprehensibly awesome mind. Treat all life with reverence and awe, and know that it is all working purposefully. A few minutes a day in total awe will contribute to your spiritual awakening faster than any metaphysics course.

    Relinquish your need to be right. This is the single greatest cause of difficulties and deterioration in relationship.

    If you find yourself believing that you must always be the way you have always been, you are arguing against growth. You must know that you have the power to create whatever kind of person you want to become.

    These are the real magical truths of Dr Wayne Dyer.

    Examine what you believe to be impossible, and then change your beliefs.

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