River Cafe Cookbook Easy

River Cafe Cookbook Easy by Rose Gray & Ruth Rogers
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193 x 249mm

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Do you love good food, but think most recipes are too complicated or too time-consuming? Then this is the book for you.

Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers, founders of the renowned River Cafe, are famous for their innovative approach to food, which has been demonstrated in their four previous highly successful cookbooks. Now they have compiled this superb collection of recipes for people who want to eat well without too much effort.

Displaying the imagination and panache that are Rose and Ruth's hallmarks, these recipes are designed to be made with ease, without compromising either quality or flavour. Just try tuna carpaccio with capers and rocket, tagliatelle with figs, chilli and cream, or roast quail with salt and sage, and you will discover the magic and simplicity of River Cafe cooking in your own home.

Each recipe, illustrated with luscious photography, highlights the fresh produce you will need to shop for, as well as the ingredients that are store-cupboard essentials. To the centrepiece of a prime piece of meat, fish or chicken, or simply some fresh or dried pasta, add some flavours for which Italian cooking is famous - capers, anchovies, chilli, lemon juice or Parmesan - and you will have heaven on a plate. It couldn't be easier or more tempting.

'River Cafe Cookbook Easy' means that busy people now have no excuse for not eating well every night of the week.
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2003
193 x 249mm

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