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    Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!)

    By: Sherryl Clark

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    I don't fit

    in my family

    or at school

    I have friends

    but sometimes even they

    think I'm weird.

    I say dumb things

    I wear stupid clothes

    I can't make my hair behave

    some days the whole world

    looks wrong to me.

    Told in the form of a verse novel, Sherryl Clark brings to life all the beauty, vulnerability and pain of twelve-year-old emotions. Dawn doesn't know where she belongs. It's not with the style queens at school. And it's not at home, where all her parents do is fight. Even her best friend, Emily, doesn't seem to want to be best friends any more. With words that are more like snapshots, Sherryl lets us into Dawn's world: a world that is dark at times, but can also feel like 'sunlight'.

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