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    By: David McRobbie

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    Mum and Cara are haunted by the past in more ways than one.

    Mum and Cara are back in the 21st century and with them is Steven Plumtree, the blacksmith's apprentice they met in the 19th century. They now have to try and explain their time-travel adventure to Dad and Craig and, of course, Steven.

    Steven must come to terms with 21st-century life – telephones, cars, television, aeroplanes, flushing toilets – and this isn't going to be easy.

    How will Cara and Mum explain Steven's presence, particularly when there is so much interest from the "in" girls at Cara's school and then, after a series of strange events, tabloid reporter Sylvia Dare, and the army.

    Will Jethro and his trusty sidekick, Grigor Tomolfski, manage to rescue Steven from the hustle and bustle of modern life, and return him to his own time, before the truth about Steven is discovered? Mum and Cara hope so.

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