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    By: Naomi Novik

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    Set amid the turmoil of the Napoleonic wars, Temeraire is a thrilling tale of one of the most dramatic chapters of European history with a brilliant veneer of bold fantasy.

    As Napoleon's Grand Army tear Europe apart, his vast armada is poised to engage Admiral Nelson's smaller fleet and threaten Britain. But the struggle is over more than land and sea, for both sides have an air force. And the fiery death they rain down upon their enemies has nothing to do with gunpowder - it comes from the very guts of the beasts they are flying: dragons.

    A French frigate is captured near Madeira. Within its hold lies a greater prize than the ship herself: a dragon egg. But even more astonishing than the dragonet (named Temeraire) are the documents found with him, addressed to the French from the greatest dragon-breeders in the world: the Chinese. For Temeraire was meant for the Emperor Napoleon himself ...

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