The Bourne Enigma

The Bourne Enigma by Eric Van Lustbader

145 x 228mm

The new action-packed thrilling adventure of Jason Bourne co-inciding with the new movie starring Matt Damon.

Jason Bourne is in Moscow to attend the wedding of his old friend and covert brother-in-arms Col. Boris Karpov. But something is terribly amiss and during the gala reception, Karpov's throat is slit from ear to ear. Embedded in the wound is the Star of David worn by Bourne's friend and lover, Mossad's most deadly field agent, Sara Yadin. Did Sara kill Karpov? The FSB thinks so, and sends out a world-wide kill order. Russia's new war is going well. Incursions into Ukraine, the counter-insurgency, the Kremlin-led disinformation campaign are all escalating smoothly. But with the price of oil and gas plummeting, along with the ruble, where is Russia getting the money needed to fund this war? Two mysteries only Jason Bourne can solve. And solve them he must, both to head off a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and to keep Sara alive.

From the underbelly of Moscow to the Pyramids of Egypt to the war-torn border between Syria and Turkey, Bourne's labyrinthine path leads him towards a final confrontation so unexpected that it will change his life forever.

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