The Carnival Master

The Carnival Master by Craig Russell
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Just when Jan Fabel is thinking of giving up police work for good and starting a new life outside the Hamburg Police, a dangerous adversary from the past and a series of strange murders in Cologne threaten to draw him back into the game. Cologne is preparing for the annual festival of Karneval a time when order is replaced with chaos, when the abstinence of Lent is preceded by abandon and indulgence. A time when the world is turned on its head. But there is something dark at the heart of the Rhine's great city. Kommissar Benni Scholz of the Cologne police is tracking a serial killer who disguises himself as the Karneval Prince. Scholz enlists Fabel, who has a growing reputation for investigating serial killers. But the true purpose of Fabel's visit is to follow Maria Klee, who has travelled to Cologne on the trail of Fabel's old and deadliest enemy: Vasyl Vitrenko, a former Soviet special forces commander turned crime lord. As Karneval approaches, the city is unaware that dark forces are descending on it. The Organized Crime Department of Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has dispatched an elite fighting unit. Their brief is to end Vitrenko's reign with maximum prejudice. On the crowded streets of Cologne, among the brightly coloured costumes of thousands of revellers, Fabel must find Vitrenko before the SBU can. Meanwhile, the Karneval Prince is still at large
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2008

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