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    The Rats take on their arch enemy, Malig Tumora, in a struggle to the death.

    The Doomsday Rats have found the special moths they need to destroy the purple flowers that give the heartless Malig Tumora power over the adults. But the moths are not the voracious eaters the children had hoped. Berrin is desperate to unlock the secret of the moths' appetites, but even if he succeeds, Malig Tumora is mounting a renewed offensive using a new weapon the Rats can't defeat until they know it's there ...

    A do-or-die showdown with the evil Gadges seems to hold the key to victory for both sides, but as the struggle finally swings the way of the Rats, Berrin faces a new dilemma - to destroy Malig Tumora could mean destroying the loved ones he is trying to save.

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