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    The Eye Of Ra

    By: Michael Asher

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    A highly atmospheric thriller with all the answers to the curse of the pharaohs . . .

    Unknown to the wold at large, the opening to Tutankhamen's tomb in 1923 revealed a secret of crucial importance - a secret that over the next years would bring about the mysterious deaths of more than twenty people.

    But the story didn't end there. Omar James Ross, a maverick Egyptologist, is drawn back to Cairo by the disappearance of his friend and colleague, Julian Cranwell. His body is found by the Great Pyramids, and Ross becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that leads directly back to Tutankhamen's tomb and is linked in some way to the legendary lost oasis of Zerzura.

    Cranwell's body vanishes from the morgue, and every contact, every informant dies or disappears. Ross, threatened, harassed, almost friendless, takes refuge among his mother's people, the Bedouin nomads of the Western Desert. It is in the company of an intrepid band of these tribesmen that Ross solves the mystery of the Eye of Ra, and comes face to face with the most earth-shattering discovery.

    Rich in Egyptian mythology and history, Bedouin folklore, sinister secret organisations and deep conspiracies spanning the millenia, 'The Eye Of Ra' is a highly atmospheric thriller combining fascinating characters and chilling mysteries.

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