The Girl In Times Square

The Girl In Times Square by Paullina Simons
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237 x 159mm

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The Girl in Times Square is by contrast set in a time and a place of affluence and peace, New York City, 2001, and it begins with people who are unhappy and lonely despite everything. People who are afraid to care and so never do. Who carry secrets that contaminate their dreams. Who think they have a right to misery as well as to prosperity and opportunity.

Lily Quinn is 24. She enjoys life. She has friends. She has a beautiful relationship with her older brother, Andrew, a congressman, if not with the rest of her family. She’s just won the New York Lottery, $18 million. But she loves her quiet life and she will not collect the money; in fact, the idea scares her half to death. And when her best friend and roommate, Amy, goes missing she is even more determined not to cash in the ticket.

New York 2000: The city is thriving but Amy may be dead, Andrew faces ruin, or worse, and love and loyalty are at war. Then something really bad happens to Lily, so bad she does at last collect her money: $11 million after tax. Whether her new fortune can save her or protect the people she loves is a big question in this heart-wrenching story of a young girl’s fight for life, when past suffering and future dreams play havoc with the present.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2004
237 x 159mm

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