The Inspector-General Of Misconception

The Inspector-General Of Misconception by Frank Moorhouse
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127 x 196mm

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Essays from an Imaginary Office.

This irreverent and hilarious book is set in an imaginary statutory body called the Office of the Inspector-General of Misconceptions. Narrated by the Inspector-General, the book satirises our current appetite for Official Inquiries, Royal Commissions and Senate Inquiries.

As the Inspector-General explains, "My newly appointed team will look at the Great Australian Errors of Common Wisdom. We will also examine Fallacies Propagated by the Intelligentsia. We also want to clear out of public discussion and conversation Some Things Which We Suspect We Have Heard Once Too Often and Gravely Doubt."

Nothing escapes the eagle eye of the Inspector-General: Anzac Day, Oyster Abuse, Democratic Fatigue, Good and Bad Form in Controversy, New Sex and All It Means, Dining Alone, The Art of Fun, The Lost Art of Speechmaking, The Urge to Censor, The Primeministership - all are vital topics covered in this compendium of Sorting Things Out.

Anyone who's ever worked in an office or wondered whether those governing us actually know what they're doing will love this book and force it on their closest friends. The time to explode myths and misconceptions is come!
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2002
127 x 196mm

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