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    The Istanbul Variations

    By: Olen Steinhauer

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    Prague, 1968: Peter Husak, a young student, is captured as he tries to flee the country in the wake of Russia's suppression of Czechoslovakia's fledgling freedom movement.

    Seven years later, a People's Militia homicide investigator with defection on his mind boards a plane for Istanbul. When it is hijacked by Armenian terrorists, the Turkish authorities try to establish contact – but the plane explodes in mid-air.

    No negotiation, no explanation.

    Why? Two investigators are assigned to the case: Gavra Noukas, a homicide detective who lives a dangerous double-life, and Brano Sev, an experienced secret policeman loyal to the state. Both believe their superiors are keeping them in the dark, but they can't work out why. As they start unravelling the elaborate mystery, though, a trail emerges – one leading back to a seven-year-old murder, a seemingly insignificant killing with terrifying consequences.

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