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    The Starling Tree

    By: Julia Clarke

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    Love for a teacher, love for a twin . . .

    'It was awful the day the school hit the news. Bluebottle called it a media circus, but it didn't look like a circus to me. It looked like the end of the rest of my life.'

    When sixteen-year-old twins Fawn and Ginna's school hits the headlines for anarchy in the corridors, Fawn's life begins to fall apart. Her boyfriend Adam is taken away from the school, and her brother Ginna starts skipping school and hanging out with gang-leader Spider, drinking and joyriding.

    But suddenly, life is not as bleak as it had seemed. There is a new head, new school rules, and most important of all, a caring new music teacher called Ben Thompson. Ben helps Fawn and Ginna to set up a band and puts some meaning back into their lives - and Fawn falls deeply in love with him. But Ginna is still dangerously close to the edge.

    Can Fawn save him? Will Ben Thompson ever love her? Now that she has met him, will her life ever be the same again?

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