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    The Tilecutter's Penny

    By: Caiseal Mor

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    It is the time of Richard the Lion Heart, the time of the Crusades and the mysterious Knights Templar. Donal, an Irish chieftain, and Robert, his Norman lord, travel to the Holy Land as their fathers did before them. But before Donal leaves, he gives his wife Eilish a token - half of a penny broken by the tilecutter. Should she receive the other half, she will know he is dead.

    As Donal and Robert become entwined in the dangerous intrigues of the Knights Templar in the Holy Land, Eilish must also deal with intrigues at home.

    From the lush beauty of twelfth-century Ireland to the dangerous secrets of a desert fortress, 'The Tilecutter's Penny' is a rich and gripping story of action and adventure, love and betrayal, and legendary treasures worth more than life itself . . .

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