The Invisible Load  

The Invisible Load   by Dr Libby Weaver


The latest book by twelve mes best-selling author Dr Libby Weaver, The Invisible Load is a completely new approach to understanding stress. It’s common today to hear people talk about how they feel under pressure and overwhelmed. There are also plenty of people who put on a brave face, when behind closed doors it’s a di?erent story. Where is this stress coming from? Is it really our tasks, dues and responsibilies—or is it something deeper? And why is it that with more educaon and awareness than ever before our stress levels just seem to keep rising? The answer: our invisible loads. Our invisible load is the stress we carry, that no one sees, that drives how we think and feel. From the physical load on our body, to the emoonal load on our mind, this invisible load is what really sits at the heart of our stress. And unl we learn to unpack this, reducing our experience of stress will be almost impossible. In this deep and carefully considered book, Dr Libby Weaver helps you to understand what’s at the heart of your stress. Exploring your physical and emoonal overwhelm from new angles, she’ll illuminate the common ways people inadvertently add to their stress and help you to unpack your own invisible load. Full of praccal wisdom The Invisible Load provides the reader to live a life with less stress.

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