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    By: Cynthia Voigt

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    The woman put her sad moon-face in at the window of the car. "You be good, she said. "You hear me? You little ones, mind what Dicey tells you. You hear?"

    Dicey began to panic. The four of them had been waiting in the car for hours now. Why wasn't their mother back? Why had she just walked off like that? What would they do if she never came back? These are questions that Dicey can't answer. All she knows is that she must look after her family - James, Maybeth and Sammy. Dicey must get them all to a safe place, somewhere they can call home. And so they start walking.

    A poignant tale of courage and endurance in the face of adversity, 'Homecoming' introduces the Tillermans - a family you will never forget.

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