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    By: Brian Sibley & Alison Sage

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    The Story of C S Lewis and His 'Chronicles of Narnia' with illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

    C S Lewis's classic Narnia books have long been cherished by millions of readers around the world for their wonderful portrayal of a magical and unfamiliar world. Ever since the books were first published in the early 1950s, readers have been eager to know more about this fascinating land.

    Inside this 'Treasury of Narnia', you can discover where C S Lewis's ideas came from, and what he was like both as a small boy and as he grew up. You can read too about the founding of Narnia itself, its quirky time-keeping, its adjoining countries and their customs, its unusual creatures and even how to make some of the delicious food that is so lovingly described.

    The book is graced with photographs of C S Lewis's early life and homes, and with many of the original illustrations from 'The Chronicles' now in colour.

    This is a painstakingly researched addition to the Chronicles of Narnia which lovers of that world and its inhabitants should not be without.

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