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    By: Olivia Goldsmith

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    She's changed her style, but her roots are showing . . .

    From the bestselling author of 'The First Wives Club' and 'Young Wives', a sparkling comedy set in New York about making plans for other people - and then tripping yourself up in them.

    There's something magical about Brooklyn boy Billy Nolan. It's not just that he's wickedly attractive, it's that any woman he dates and dumps (and he dates and dumps them all) immediately goes on to marry someone else.

    Sassy uptown New Yorker Kate is immune to Billy's charms - she left Brooklyn behind a long time ago, and she's not about to fall under the spell of a handsome waster from the old neighbourhood. Besides, she's dating the eminently suitable Michael. But perhaps the 'Billy effect' will work for Kate's friend, Bina, who has fallen apart because her almost-fiancé, Jack, is going away to 'explore his singleness'.

    All Kate has to do is get Billy to date Bina and dump her - and then await Jack's return and watch the magic happen. It's a great plan and at first it seems to be working. But the one thing Kate hasn't considered is how Billy feels about it all . . .

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