Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide

Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide by Richelle & Rowen Michelle Mead
By: Richelle & Rowen Michelle Mead
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Vampire Academy debuts as a major motion picture in 2014, starring Zoey Deutch and Australia's Lucy Fry. This is the official film tie-in book of the internationally bestselling series Vampire Academy by blockbuster author Richelle Mead.

Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess – a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth's magic. Her best friend Rose Hathaway is a dhampir – a guardian whose blood is a powerful blend of vampire and human. Rose's life is dedicated to protecting Lissa from the dangerous Strigoi – the fiercest vampires, who will stop at nothing to make Lissa one of them. Over the course of six books, love will blossom, hearts will be broken, and lives will be lost. But through it all, Rose and Lissa's friendship will never surrender . . .

- Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the totally addictive world Richelle Mead has created

- Find out the real history of St. Vladimir's Academy

- Explore the dark psychology behind Rose and Lissa's unusual friendship

- Discover even more illicit secrets about Rose and Dimitri

- Quiz yourself to find out how much you really know about the Vampire Academy series.
Publication Date:
02 / 01 / 2014

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