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    By: Bruce Brooks

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    'She felt as if she were hovering a few inches up, with a bright light beneath her body holding her aloft, and a brighter one beckoning from the ceiling.'

    All Alice wants is a home where she feels home. Not easy to find, even when your family is a functioning unit. Which Alice's is not. Even so, the last thing she expects from her Dad is a one-way ticket back to a miserable life with her alcoholic mother and bully of a stepfather. When a serious case of bronchitis lands her in the hospital, Alice takes a bold - and desperate - stab at taking charge of her life.

    A hunger strike, on the eve of her discharge. The only way she can think of to stay in the hospital.

    But even as hallucinations start to rule her world, Alice stumbles across a friendship with Rex, a boy who, unlike Alice, has no choice about dying. When Alice makes a promise to Rex that she'll have to live to keep, she can no longer ignore the doubts rising within her. Is life really worth dying for?

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