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    This is the first volume in Isaac Asimov world-famous 'Foundation' series which won the Hugo Award for Best All-Time Novel Series. The books tell the huge story of the decay of civilisation. The invention of psychohistory, the mathematics of very large human numbers, has ever greater resonance as time goes by.

    Earth is long forgotten. A peaceful and unified galaxy is governed from the majestic city planet of Trantor. But psychohistory, the brainchild of genius Hari Seldon, predicts a galaxy-wide disaster that will bring chaos and ruin to the empire. Only the Seldon Plan, a thousand-year strategy to minimise the worst of what is to come, offers any hope. Two Foundations are established at opposite ends of the galaxy. While one is charged with responding openly and creatively to the predictions of psychohistory, the other is kept secret, and copes with the unknown.

    Since it was first published in 1951, the tenets of psychohistory and its working out over centuries have enjoyed enduring popularity. The fear of a new Dark Age, of descent into barbarism, finds it best expression in this epic story, one of the great classics of science fiction.

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