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    Voyager Classics: Weaveworld


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    Clive Barker is an acknowledged master at creating extraordinary new worlds and cosmologies, and 'Weaveworld' is one of his greatest achievements - a sumptuous feast of dark fantasy and an epic adventure of the imagination.

    Cal Mooney is mysteriously drawn towards an old house in Liverpool. There, in the form of an old carpet, he witnesses a world of rapture and enchantment by which he is beguiled. Unbeknownst to Cal, this is "Weaveworld", created decades before by the Seerkind, a people more ancient than man, gifted with magical powers.

    Threatened with annihilation in the last century they wove themselves and their culture into a carpet for safekeeping. Now, with the last of their human caretakers dead, the Weaveworld comes to life. Dark forces are alerted by the awakening: a desperate battle is about to begin.

    'Weaveworld' is a book of visions and horrors, a story of quest, titanic struggles, of love and hope. Barker weaves a spell of enchantment around his readers, encapsulating a world that is at once terrifying and miraculous, magical and monstrous, impossible to resist and heart-breaking to leave.

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