What's Wrong With China by Paul Midler

163 x 230 x 24mm

An insider's perspective on this growing economic powerhouse What's Wrong With China opens the doors to one of the least understood countries in the world. Author Paul Midler draws on over twenty years of manufacturing experience, working with Asian suppliers in a broad range of industries, to provide an insider's perspective on what China's rise means to American businesses. Approaching China's problems as if they were our own, this book tackles the subject matter head-on to help American readers recognize and understand China's growing economic and cultural impact on this country. The author's own anecdotes explore and explain the major challenges that come along with doing business in China, and a deep appreciation and illustration of the country's rich culture embroider the lessons every businessperson should learn. No one doubts China's global importance today, yet few truly understand the nation in a general sense. This book acts as a primer, but also digs deeper to provide a more nuanced understanding of this powerhouse nation. Understand Chinese culture in the context of doing business Get to know this emerging cultural and economic power Delve into China's social challenges through first-hand accounts Peek inside the Chinese economy through the lens of American business Globally, China's economy touches most of the world. In the U.S., the Chinese economy is so intertwined with our own that we should know and understand the nation's problems as well as we know our own?yet, who really understands China? What's Wrong With China takes you beyond economic analysis, beyond the tourism, and beyond the hype to show the heart of the nation and the nature of business in China.

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