Where Have All The Boys Gone?

Where Have All The Boys Gone? by Jenny Colgan
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130 x 197mm

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Where have all the men gone? Faced with 25,000 more women than men in London, and gleeful media reports that it's statistically more likely for single women to be murdered than to get married, Katie has reached an all-time low. But all is not lost . Another hilarious high-concept romantic comedy from Jenny Colgan.

After yet another abysmal date, soulless week in her PR job, advertising margarita-flavoured toothpaste, and being mugged by a man who criticises her choice of mobile phone and the state of her handbag, Katie has had quite enough of London, thank you very much.

So when she sees an advert for a press officer in the Scottish highlands, Katie forgets that she comes out in hives when she goes to Hyde Park, and doesn't 'do' wellies, and applies.

On arrival, Katie thinks she's in heaven. For her destination - the tiny town of Fairlish - turns out to have the highest ratio of men to women in the British Isles. Oh, and they're all rugged, outdoorsy types as well.

Katie also discovers it's her job to save the beautiful local forest from developers, along with her grumpy boss Harry, and starts to see her priorities in life shifting.

Yet there's still time for a little romance with gorgeous local newshound Iain - who just so happens to be the sworn enemy of Harry, a man himself to whom there's more than meets the eye . . .
Publication Date:
02 / 05 / 2005
130 x 197mm

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