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    By: Melanie Woss

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    'You are very good at "hitting the nail on the head". So many times your words sum up a situation or make clear an aspect of what I'm feeling.'

    These words, written by Melanie Woss in a letter to a friend, could equally well be applied to her own writing. That she describes her world with such clarity is her gift to the future.

    This is the story of Melanie Woss told through a collection of her diary entries, letters, schoolwork and poetry. Just a few months short of her eighteenth birthday in 1989, Melanie, a talented student and aspiring writer, committed suicide. Through her writing, she captures the thoughts and feelings of a teenager dealing with all the joy and stress of being on the brink of adulthood.

    The confusion, humour, fear and love of life expressed so vividly in her words provide us with a unique insight into the experience of depression. Her writing holds out to those who suffer from depression the comfort that their feelings are valid, that stress is real, and that above all they are not alone. From such understanding comes great hope.

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