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    Ben, In The World


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    Sequel to the bestselling 'The Fifth Child'.

    The powerful impact of 'The Fifth Child' and its account of idyllic marital and parental bliss, irredeemably shattered by the arrival of the feral fifth child of the Lovatts, made for unnerving and compulsive reading. That child, Ben, now grown to legal maturity, is the central character of this sequel.

    This book picks the fable up at the end of childhood where the first book ended, and takes our primal, misunderstood and maladjusted teenager out into the world. To those he meets, he seems awkward - too big, too strong, inhumanly made. He baffles and he terrifies: those who do not understand want him locked up. He meets mostly with mockery, fear and incomprehension but with just enough kindness and openness to keep him afloat.

    In his quest for community, companionship and peace, his adventures take him from London on to the South of France and then Brazil. It is in the mountains of the Andes that he at last finds out where he has come from and who his people are.

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