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    Charlie Carver Stacks It!

    By: Laurie Stiller

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    It all starts when Charlie Carver decides to impress a 14 year old babe called Alice by riding his go-kart down Suicide Hill. As he fails to take a corner and ends up at the orthodontist's instead of in her arms, Charlie accidentally learns about the scientific laws of inertia, gravity and momentum.

    We know that the law of gravity made an apple fall out of the tree and onto Sir Isaac Newton's head, and that Mr Archimedes discovered that his bath overflowed when he got into it, so he ran around the streets in the nude shouting "Eureka!'.

    But whether you're in the nude or not, can science help you to become a babe magnet?
    Find out in this funny and brilliantly original collection of stories.
    Recommended for ages 12+.

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