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    Faster Than Lightning

    By: & Pam Harvey

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    An action-packed adventure and mystery story.

    Twelve-year-old Angus lives and breathes horses. His father is a horse trainer, and on most mornings before school, Angus is down at the track helping his father train the horses.

    One morning, when Angus is training a skittish new horse on the track, a group of erratic riders almost push Angus and his horse into the railing. From here the mystery begins.

    With the help of his friends, Angus discovers shady and possible illegal goings-on at the local stud farm. When a horse, Lightning Strikes, appears to be the exact replica of a dead horse, Gale Force, Angus begins to smell a rat.

    Is the stud uinvolved in a special breeding program, or something more sinister? Is it possible that they could be cloning famous racehorses? Angus and his friends must find out before it is too late.

    Ages: 9-13

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