Cyber Payne by John Larkin
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Sequel to 'Growing Payne'.

'Cyber Payne' takes up exactly where 'Growing Payne' left off, with Phil Payne and Larry Larwood successfully getting their trike airborne on its maiden flight. Or have they?

It's only when they return to their launch area following Larry's mooning his science teacher, Mr Singh, and noticing a commotion on the ground, that they realise something has gone horribly wrong. It transpired that they did crash after all, or at least a different version of them did. Somehow they diverge from, but end up stuck in, the same reality as the versions of themselves that had crashed (these diverged realities are actually consistent with current theories of theoretical physics). They're now stuck in a different reality. The wrong reality.

The reality in which they have landed sees Bill Gates as God and the Bible is only available on CD-ROM. If a person is good and proper throughout life, when they die their brains are removed, placed into a solution of liquid nitrogen and plugged into cyberheaven where they will at last find peace, harmony, the meaning of life and all for a nominal subscription fee that will last for eternity.

Caught up in this nightmarish reality, Larry and Phil, with the aid of several others who show up from other realities and the future, attempt to build a machine that will transport them back to their own reality. But can Phil, who unlike Larry has a working conscience, simply leave this reality without trying to hack into the Corporation's mainframe and spike it to hell? Or is the immortality offered by cyberheaven the only immortality?
Publication Date:
04 / 08 / 2000

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