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    By: Graham Edwards

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    The ultimate Dragon Saga continues.

    When the world turned and dragons lost their fire, the sad remains of the Maze where magic was made were eaten by the basilisk. A curious supper, even for one of the Deathless. But the Maze was full of memories.

    The basilisk remembered its name and of all the things it remembered now and later, it was that sudden recollection which was the starting point of all that was to follow . . .The Gathering of the Deathless.

    Fortune and Gossamer remain with their infant dragon on the island of Haven when an intrepid band of survivors led by Cumber sets out to try and free those dragons trapped within rock since the Turning. But the ancient dragon Archan, who might help them in their quest, has heard the basilisk's call for a Gathering of the Deathless. She will let nothing stand between her and the immortality she craves. Not Haven, which is the hope of the new world of the dragon, nor the lives of those who might be freed by one last great wielding of charm.

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