Found Money by James Grippando
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153 x 231mm
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A young woman finds $200,00 in cash in a cardboard box delivered to her door. A man inherits a fortune from a father who dies "penniless". Amy Parkens and Ryan Duffy have never met, but they are about to, as each discovers that found money can be a godsend - or a nightmare.

Amy Parkens is a struggling single mother forced to abandon her career in astronomy for a practical computer job. She feels condemned to long hours, low pay and no time to spend with her daughter. Then an unmarked package arrives - someone has sent Amy a small fortune and she has no idea who would do such a thing, or why. Though she longs to keep the cash, Amy fears a mistake, a setup or even a possible connection to her mother's mysterious suicide twenty years earlier. But when she tries to look her gift horse in the mouth, someone snatches the money away - quickly and violently.

Ryan Duffy is a decent, responsible man, a small-town physician from the plains of south-eastern Colorado. Like Amy, Ryan has recently found unexpected wealth. His father's estate is worth more than Ryan could ever have imagined - millions more. Truth is, Dad was a hardworking electrician for forty-five years. But in his attic, he hid a fortune. The Duffy family has been guarding a secret.

Painful as it is, Ryan is drawn to his father's dark past. Amy, on the same desperate quest for answers, soon crosses Ryan's path. Their search takes them through a labyrinth of deception and blackmail, leading to a man of unfathomable power. Yet the past is not what it appears. Heinous crimes touched their families years ago. Amy and Ryan must solve a treacherous puzzle to learn why the true victims never came forward, why the real wrongdoers went unpunished, and why certain people would kill to keep their secrets.
Publication Date:
18 / 04 / 2001
153 x 231mm

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