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    By: Clea Hantman

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    Three goddesses, banished to earth by their dad, Zeus (yeah, that Zeus) . . .

    The muse sisters have defied Hera's order not to use their powers on Earth and now they find themselves Hades-bound! Will Thalia, Era and Polly be destined to spend eternity serving the Furies, or will they find a way to outwit them, plus a nasty three-headed dog, and their evil step-mum?

    The three could also find help from a long lost friend . . . who happens to be Thalia's sweetheart!

    In this new series, Zeus means to banish his trouble-making daughters to Athens, Greece on Earth - but he mistakenly sends them to modern-day Athens, Georgia, USA! Clea Hantman brings us this fun new series about three teenage goddesses who are hauled into a new world full of boys, boxed cereal and bizarre Earth life.

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