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    By: Sarah Weeks

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    In this sequel to 'Regular Guy', it's bad enough that thirteen-year-old Guy Strang's parents are getting divorced and that his mother is suddenly acting like a rebellious teenager. But on top of that, Autumn Hockney - a girl - asks him out to the movies. A year ago he would have known just what to say - "No!" - but for reasons even he doesn't understand, he says, "Maybe."

    That's when Guy's troubles begin. Everybody's mad at him. Autumn's larger-than-life best friend will stop at nothing in her campaign to squeeze a definite "yes" out of Guy, while Guy's best friend, Buzz, threatens to desert him forever if he goes soft.

    But Guy can't afford to lose Buzz now - not when their brilliant plan to reunite his parents isn't going exactly as planned.

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