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    By: Robert Ferrigno

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    When Miami drug dealer Junior forces Val to watch is best friend's murder, Val knows it's time to go. The best friend was a cop and Junior now knows Val is one of the good guys. Val ends up in Hollywood, doing stunt work in B-movies, but his real life is much more hazardous. When he mets Kyle, the perfect girl-next-door, his habitual protective paranoia is immediately undone. Which means he doesn't see Junior coming after him. And he doesn't notice how fast he's sinking into the morass of Kyle's deadly, dysfunctional family. Trying to help her, trying to keep her out of Junior's sights and himself out of Junior's line of fire, Val's life is moving either very close to a very bad end or, just as dangerously, very close to a small but very dazzling piece of paradise.

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