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    Kick Your Way To Fitness

    By: Anne-Marie Millard & Sally Brown

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    The Fastest Way to Lose Weight and Get in Shape.

    Martial arts (such as kickboxing and tae kwon do) combine highly physical exercise with the mental discipline found in yoga and other Eastern techniques. On a purely physical level, the dynamic kicks, punches and blocks create lean, powerful muscles, while the intense cardiovascular workout boosts stamina and burns fat. The therapeutic benefits of kicking and punching shouldn't be underestimated either. If you're looking to let off steam there's no better therapy than a little controlled aggression.

    This book is a fantastic full-colour cardio kickboxing guide from the UK's number one trainer. It contains exciting exercises that are great fun, positive mood boosters, and the perfect way to de-stress and tone-up the body.

    The book provides:
    - A range of programs for all abilities including a 6-week beginner program, 15-minute quickie routines, and advanced workouts
    - Focused routines for tums and legs
    - Emergency all-over body shaping for special occasions
    - Sessions designed specially to make the body burn-up stored fat
    - A contemporary system modelled on the ancient martial arts - which are also discussed
    - Eye-catching colour photography throughout

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