Hangman by Faye Kellerman
Loyalty Reward Rebate
  1. $2.75*
  2. $3.85*
  3. $5.50*
  4. $5.50*
  * Rebate calculated before redemption of credit. See Terms for more information.
Date Released
234 x 153mm
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Obsessive and duty-bound, LAPD Lieutenant, Peter Decker reluctantly agrees to do a big favour for old friend, Teresa McLaughlin, knowing full-well that his involvement will bring her sociopathic husband, Chris Donatti, back into his life. Then Terry goes missing and Donatti disappears, leaving their 14-year-old son, Gabe, with no one to turn to except Peter and his wife, Rina Lazarus.
Then a neo-natal nurse at St. Timothy's hospital, Adrianna Blanc, is found swinging from the rafters of a house in a wealthy suburban area. A popular party-girl, she was known to indulge in one-night stands and recreational drugs angering her close friends and family. Her boyfriend, Garth Hammerling, also a nurse at St. Tim's, is no angel, either. And when its found one of Adrianna's last phone calls announced she was breaking up with Garth - leaving him and his philandering ways behind for good - suspicions are aroused.
With lives hanging in the balance, Decker and his able team of detectives need to find answers and fast. And things become even more dangerous with Decker's precarious home life. While Decker wants to look after Terry's son, Gabe, with Donatti on the loose, no one is ever really safe...
Publication Date:
02 / 08 / 2010
234 x 153mm
The Ritual Bath

Grievous Sin

Gun Games

Murder 101

Murder 101

Bone Box

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