Predator by Faye Kellerman
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234 x 153mm

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A call from the Homicide desk shatters LAPD lieutenant Peter Decker's hopes of a peaceful evening. Residents in a local building have been complaining of a putrid smell coming from an apartment rented by Hobart Penny, an eccentric aging engineer who made millions from aerospace patents and inventions.
Well over 80, and a recluse for the last 25 years, it wasn't surprising that the troubled genius might have died without anyone knowing. However, as Decker steps inside, it's clear that this is a murder scene...
Who could have killed someone who lived a quarter of a century as a hermit? But there is no shortage of suspects. Penny's children describe their father as a cruel and vicious man; while his second wife, twenty years his junior, knew a man with strange addictions and brutal tastes; and reports of frequent visits from prostitutes only add to the list of suspects.
A thorough search reveals further evidence of a disturbed, depraved man: human body parts.
So just who was Hobart Penny? A brilliant inventor, a sexual predator or a callous killer?
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2013
234 x 153mm
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Murder 101

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