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The Celestial Triad 3: The Cosmic Logos
RRP: $22.99
111 x 181 mm
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This third book has Tory and Maelgwyn, united in one soul-mind, moving into another plane of existence to become Masters of the Cosmic Logos.

Given charge of their home galaxy, the soul-mind that was Tory and Maelgwyn is responsible and answerable to all the affairs that unfold within that galaxy. Those of the "Chosen" who now rule their home planet of Kila are not so much admired by the other human breeds as were Tory and Maelgwyn, and the pact that they had in place threatens to be pulled asunder.

As Tory and Maelgwyn struggle to perfect their formless means of guidance, the four "changelings", two human two deva, prove to be their link back to the land of the living. But will the elders of the Nefilim and their "Chosen" listen to the counsel of the youngsters before intergalactic war brings their leaders into disrepute with the Cosmic Logos?
The Celestial Triad 3: The Cosmic Logos also available as an eBook!

About the Author

Traci Harding
Traci grew up in the Sydney western suburb of Carlingford and went to school at a private Catholic Ladies College in Parramatta and left school in fourth form with a D in English and a keen interest in music, boys, daydreaming and storytelling. Getting a job in a musis store she met her husband David and began writing fantasy novels and scripts. A young film producer read her first script 'Everything We Know', and was impressed enough to ask if she'd would be interested in helping him run a couple of film studios he was managing at the time. From here Traci got access to all aspects of film, commercial, corporate video and TV production. Her third film script, 'Beyond The Realm Of Dreams', has been recently optioned by a production company, and is going through the development process at present. Her second manuscript became her first published book 'The Ancient Future: The Dark Age'. First published in October 1996, 'The Ancient Future' was reprinted three times in 1997 and three times in 1998. The second book of the trilogy 'An Echo In Time — Atlantis' was released in October 1997 and was reprinted three times in 1998. 'Masters Of Reality — The Gathering', the final book of the trilogy, was released in October 1998 and reached number six on Dymocks best seller list in its second week of release. Her forth book 'The Alchemist's Key' was released in June 1999.

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