Real Real by Nicola Kraus & Emma McLaughlin
Date Released
130 x 197mm

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When 17-year-old Jesse O'Rourke - one of the NOT rich kids at Hampton High - gets chosen to star on the Laguna Beach-style reality show that XTV is filming at her school she's just as surprised as everyone else. Soon she's forced to pal around with the glamorous kids whose families her working-class parents serve. But there's a tuition check attached to being on the show‚ and Jesse's determined to be the first O'Rourke who goes to college. At the producers' insistence‚ Jesse must trade her actual best friend for four people she's gone to school with for years‚ but hardly knows: Nico‚ the Queen Bee; Melanie‚ Nico's minion; Jase‚ Nico's boyfriend; and Drew - who just happens to be Jesse's crush (so‚ at least there's that). As the producers play with their lives to heighten the drama‚ Jesse must struggle against losing herself amidst the red-carpet hype that is now a part of her daily life and try to remember one thing: the difference between real and the real real.

Ages 14+
Publication Date:
03 / 08 / 2009
130 x 197mm

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