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    By: David Hair

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    Ravana is back. Will his slayers find their powers in time?

    Bollywood actress Sunita Ashoka's reality show Swayamvara Live has ended in bloodshed and disaster. Vikram, Amanjit and Rasita are on the run, accused of the actress's murder. In exile like the heroes of the Ramayana, they are seemingly beset by the same perils. Then a tragedy forces Vikram into the open.

    There is hope: Rasita is beginning to remember her past lives, Amanjit's skills as a warrior are returning, and his fiancee Deepika is awakening to undreamt-of powers. But their enemy, Ravindra, has also found allies—the nightmarish Rakshasa army.

    Memories and legends are coming alive all over India, from the bloodied sands of Ullal to secret locations in Mumbai, Pushkar and Varanasi. The fight to the finish has begun . . .

    Ages 12+

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