So I Have Thought of You: The Letters of Penelope Fitzgerald

So I Have Thought of You: The Letters of Penelope Fitzgerald by Penelope Fitzgerald

By: Penelope Fitzgerald

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234 x 153mm

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Acclaimed for her exquisitely elegant novels – including Offshore (which won the Booker Prize in 1979) and The Blue Flower – and superb biographies, Penelope Fitzgerald has remained one of Britain's most admired authors since her death in 2000. A House of Air, a posthumous collection of her essays and selected writings, was published to critical acclaim in 2003, and now her collected letters – garnered from a lifetime of correspondence – promise to grant invaluable insight into the life and mind of this most celebrated and beloved of writers.

Penelope Fitzgerald was a prolific letter writer – she avoided the phone if she could, and never even contemplated the possibility of going on–line. Her warmth, humour and supreme storytelling abilities found their best forum in her letters to friends and fellow writers, assembled here for the first time. As well as bringing to life the people of and places of Fitzgerald's life and times, this collection is bound to be fantastically funny – as entertaining as the Kingsley Amis letters – and shot through with the intelligence and insight for which she was renowned. An invaluable addition to one of the most distinguished oeuvres in modern British literature.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2008
234 x 153mm

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