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    By: Kira Balaskas

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    How to use Traditional Thai Massage, Yoga and Breathwork for Healing and Spiritual Harmony.

    This is a beautifully illustrated guide to a unique and powerful ancient massage therapy, combining breathwork, acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga to promote spiritual health and well-being.

    Originating in India, and based on an ancient Buddhist health system, Thai yoga massage unites the therapeutic physical benefits of massage with the spiritual aspects of meditation and yoga. It is based on the philosophy of an energy line system in our body through which our life force (prana) flows.

    Blockages in this life force can cause aches, pain and disease on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This clear and beautifully illustrated book explains the background to this increasingly popular therapy and leads the reader through a session - from using chanting and visualisation in preparing to give or receive a massage to step-by-step instructions on all the important massage techniques and postures.

    The author, Kira Balaskas, learnt Thai yoga massage in a hill tribe village in northern Thailand and then practiced in an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas.

    This book will appeal to those who understand the massive health benefits of massage therapy as well as those interested in traditional Eastern therapies.

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